My wife Melissa and I were lucky and fortunate recently to meet and investigate with Ryan of Finding Phantoms. Prior to investigating, we were able to sit down and talk with Ryan about his investigation style, his experience, his equipment, and why he investigates the paranormal. We can tell you, he is definitely a rising star in the paranormal field. First, Ryan is an investigator for the right reasons. He wants to find answers and he wants to help people who may be having problem with paranormal phenomenon. Next, he has created some of his own monitoring equipment thinking far outside the box, which will help him get results that other teams will not be able to generate. Finally, he is gaining the necessary experience, and combining that with his abilities, he is truly becoming a great paranormal investigator. If you are looking for a group to investigate your home, business in the Maryland and surrounding area, or just have questions about the paranormal in general, we would definitely recommend Ryan and Finding Phantoms. We look forward to be able to investigate with him, and to continue to work together in the paranormal field.
— Brian and Melissa Greer. Founders and Lead Investigators at Dark Side Investigations
The Finding Phantoms team is a very credible team. The evidence and disclosure of what I have seem them capture is right with the norm for the house I have been associated with for over 4 years. They showed me what they got using a variety of tools and I can tell you from what I saw none of it is faked or embellished.
— Michelle, Hinsdale House
We went on an overnight investigation at Hill View Manor with Ryan, who from the beginning, was very professional and knowledgeable. His equipment was excellent without question, even to the point he built devices of his own design. He even attempts to debunk himself by checking if there would be any unwanted background noise, for instance cars going by etc. Long story short, he is a man of great integrity and we were very impressed by our time spent with him.
— Faith K.
Finding phantoms is awesome group of investigators who have a passion for finding evidence of the paranormal. They want to find true evidence that the paranormal exists and the answer we all want....why. I have personally investigated with one of the members of the group and got to witness 1st hand some amazing evidence that was captured. Happy hunting!
— Judy M.