The Idol of Nightmares - "Billy" (click to enlarge)

The idea of haunted objects makes some people uncomfortable. For most, the first thing they think of are images of clowns and possessed dolls that intend harm to those around it. What if I told you that there are a vast variety of objects that are haunted and that a very small percentage actually wish to do you harm...curious now? The Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and the Occult is a museum founded by Greg and Dana Newkirk that has dozens of haunted objects. Their most famous object is The Idol of Nightmares, who has become known simply as "Billy" by most. Billy has become the unofficial mascot of the museum. Despite his name, he makes quite a few friends everywhere he goes.

The documentation process: People acquire objects on a regular basis in various ways that, once they have them in their home, show signs of activity. Some of these objects get donated to the museum where the item is then documented. The research process includes interviews/written documentation from the donor about the objects known history and the activity that the owner was experiencing. Then, the object is photographed thoroughly, inspected, and under observation and research for an extended period of time. Some of the more active objects appear in the museum. 

You might be asking yourself where you can find this museum. Unlike any other museum there is, this one travels to locations held all around the country. The museum can be found at various events; if you are interested in where they'll be traveling next, check out the event schedule for the museum. Stop by the museum and learn about the haunted objects! If you're attending an event that includes a presentation about the museum, you'll learn a new perspective when it comes to haunted objects, even if some initially appear to be frightening. You'll also learn the history of the museum, all about the museum today, and the future initiatives of the museum. Even if you are unable to make it to these events, don't worry! The museum is making future initiatives to be the first virtual museum of haunted objects - the museum might be coming to you someday soon! You can learn more about the museum by visiting the museum website.

                                             Magic of the Month! (click to enlarge)

You can become a part of paranormal history! The museum offers a membership program that you can join to be a part of the growth of the museum. Various membership plans include live video feeds, privately released artifact news, video chats, and more! One of the most popular memberships is Dana's Magic of the Month membership. Each month features a new theme and you receive magic items specially made for you based on that theme. A lot of hard work and love goes into each package, it's worth every penny! You can sign up anytime and remain a member for as long as you'd like. You'll not only support the museum initiatives with your membership, but you'll receive the perks listed for your plan and you'll be a part of an ever expanding circle of friends with a common cause.  


           3-D printer on display actively printing a duplicate of "Billy" (click to enlarge)

Duplicating haunted objects is one of the latest ambitions to be done by the museum. You read that correctly, the museum is duplicating their haunted objects! Although at the moment this is available for those registered as board members, this is something that will eventually grow so others can have copies of the objects for themselves. If you get to see the museum, there will be a small 3-D printer creating small copies of some of their objects. This is a new concept that has not been done before. However, it's never as simple as just printing a copy. Some objects cause odd behaviors to the scanning system or the printer. Stop by the museum and inquire about the details and for some stories about how these objects sometimes retaliate during the 3-D scan process. 


                                    Finished 3-D print of "Billy" (click to enlarge)


The finished products look similar to this and vary in size depending on the artifact being copied. Some of the duplicated items seem to also express their own activity, just like the original.  



There's More!

Greg and Dana are involved in much more than just the museum. While the museum is a labor of love, they also adventure into the strangest corners of the country; exploring Bigfoot and UFOs among other things! If you like the museum, you'll love their interesting articles about all the weird topics you can't get enough of! You can also check out the latest news as they engage in the stranger things that make up our weird planet!