Are you interested in the paranormal? Do you enjoy magic shows? Illusions of the Passed is an illusion performance with a paranormal twist unlike anything you've ever seen before. 

AIDEN SINCLAIR makes it his life's work to create and perform acts of illusion as the resident illusionist at the Stanley Hotel and as a guest at events all across the country. People purchase tickets to see his show repeatedly as he always has something different to present. If you have seen his act at an event and wish to see it there again, please do speak to the curator(s) of the event and recommend the show return. 

Illusions of the Passed captivates the attention of an entire audience for 90 minutes of mystery and fascination. During the show, your perception of time ceases to exist as you get drawn into the performance. The ability to capture the audience that way for that length of time in and of itself is a talent. Throughout the performance, Mr. Sinclair engages his audience, asking for willing volunteers to take part in the show. Unlike most magic shows, Illusions of the Passed is truly an interactive experience. 

The show always becomes more than just the performance itself.  Each performance is pieced together around a historical event and objects related to that event that then become mediums for communication with the departed. Using expressive storytelling, Mr. Sinclair takes his audience on a journey through time that becomes genuinely moving and leaves everyone in awe. Every show is historically accurate, has a very well organized storyline, includes the audience, and, of course, has some humorous moments.

Illusions of the Passed is unique and Mr. Sinclair clearly is passionate and takes pride in his work - it isn't just something that he does, it's part of who he is. This theatrical seance is most definitely one for the "must see" list; you will not be disappointed.

Take a seat, settle in, and prepare to experience a seance unlike any other.