Does the thought of a haunted location intrigue you? The thought of being in a location that is deemed haunted might seem thrilling, spooky, and interesting. It might even make you curious for answers. What about a haunted object? What do you think about the intentions of the object? Explore The Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and the Occult to learn more! 


Illusions of the Passed is a paranormal based theatrical seance that tells historical stories and the people that were involved. Learn why you should see Aiden Sinclair perform his unique paranormal illusion show at the historical Stanley Hotel or at various haunted locations as he brings magic to the stage with the assistance of the departed!


Check out the Lost Limbs Foundation - founded by our friend Mike Couch to provide financial assistance to families of amputee children. Being an amputee himself,  Mike decided to turn his situation into something positive to help others struggling with similar circumstances. If you attend a paranormal convention, you'll find Mike there with a smile on his face proudly running his vendor table. 


Looking for a weekend getaway filled with weirdness? Get away with Weird Weekends! These events are inexpensive, feature celebrity appearances, and are held at some of the most active locations we've been to.